Is Online Poker Legal in the United States?

online poker

There is no doubt that online poker has become a big part of the gambling world. It has helped to expand the reach of poker and has increased the popularity of the game worldwide.

Legality in the United States

There has been much debate over whether or not playing poker online is legal in the United States. There are many different laws and regulations that govern gambling in the country. These vary from state to state. Some states have legalized online poker and other forms of gambling. Others have not. However, the federal government does not classify online gambling as a felony.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed by Congress in 2006. The act was intended to stop banks from doing business with offshore online gambling sites. It effectively forced some sites out of the US market.

In addition, the federal government issued a formal legal opinion on the scope of the act in 2011. The unspoken rule is that the act did not apply to online poker.

Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker is a top online poker site with a nice selection of games. There are no shortage of tournaments, sit and gos, and cash games. In addition, players can interact with other players from around the world. You can even play for free.

The poker software is one of the best in the industry. This allows for a balanced playing field between the pros and the amateurs. Also, there is a huge choice of table sizes.

Ignition offers a nice deposit bonus. You can get up to $1500 by making a first deposit. On top of that, you can take advantage of a royal flush bonus.

Borgata Poker

Borgata Poker is a site with an extensive array of poker games. It offers a wide range of stakes, tournaments, and social options, so players can find a game to fit their tastes.

Borgata Poker offers both a desktop client and mobile apps. Both apps are available in the Play Market. Players can download the apps and log in using their account credentials.

The mobile app works in conjunction with the poker client. This means that players can manage their accounts and track multiple tables. Moreover, the software has a separate area for cash games and tournaments.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. However, it is not compatible with MacOS.

Global Poker

Global Poker is the only US-facing online poker site to offer real money tournaments. You can play on the site’s browser-based platform or on a desktop PC, mobile or Mac laptop.

Global Poker offers many different games. This includes a variety of tournaments, cash games and Sweepstakes. Most of the games are no limit Texas Hold’em, but there are a few PLO and Omaha games.

Global Poker also gives away Gold Coins. Every time you play, you will get a certain number of Gold Coins. The value of these coins is not monetary. However, you can exchange them for cash prizes.

Global Poker has recently added two new blackjack games and a video poker title. These titles are available on Android devices.

Texas is experimenting with online poker in private social club settings

It’s been a while since we’ve had a legal card at the helm of our poker table. The good news is, the state of Texas hasn’t stomped its competitors with gusto. The other half of the duo isn’t much harder to track down, so the petty cyborgs aren’t going to be slamming the doors in the near future. With the aforementioned hors osos afoot, the state is a bit pricier than its southern cousins to the north, but not a lot more so than it would have been a decade ago. In short, the new state is an interesting and exciting place to live.

Bad beats in online poker are more costly

In a live game, bad beats can be a little more expensive to deal with because of the slower paced nature of the action. When playing online, the same player can expect to play about two times as many hands per hour as they would in a live casino. This means a bad hand is more likely to come about, and a bad poker hand can be even more costly.

Using a calculator, it is possible to find that the true odds of winning a hand of poker are approximately 3%. That’s a lot of money to lose in a single game. It’s easy to see why bad beats have become such a thing.